Friday, April 27, 2012

Are you still there?

Does anyone still read this thing or have they given up on me all together?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Short & skinny of it...

I'm behind on blog posts & will still catch up. I just need to get this outta my system... ready, here goes:


UGH! I wish stupid people would stop calling my office! Like I know the answer to all of your little problems! Stop talking to me! Seriously! Can't people just give me their name & number & call it a day? Like I care what they saw at Home Depot! UGH!!!!! Sorry, I had to get that out!

OK, now to get back to work... or maybe Facebook, I haven't quite decided which yet...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bye Bye Tonsils

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today is the day Princess loses pieces to her anatomic puzzle. We had strict orders that she could have no food or drink after midnight. So, I treated her to a small iced coffee - blueberry & decaf - last night. Also, a bag of fritos with dip. I then allowed her to stay up later than Angel so that Princess would sleep later. Princess is a crazy kid... she doesn't like to stay awake. She likes to sleep... odd, right?

Anyways, Angel & Princess go to sleep followed shortly after by hubby & myself. We woke up just in time for me to get Angel to school, drop something off at Princess' classroom, and go home. I never ate breakfast. I think it'd be pretty rude of me to eat in front of a 5 year old, u know?

So, we left for the hospital around 9:45 or so. We had to be there for 10:30. We sat in the waiting room and waited and waited and waited and then we (Princess, hubby, & I) were brought into the room to get registered. That was when we learned that they misspelled Princess' name so we stayed there waiting while EVERY piece of paper was re-stickered with her correct spelling. While the nurse was printing out new stickers, Princess was to strip down to a hospital gown and hospital jammie bottoms and hospital socks. And, since I chose to be the one by her side, *I* got to dress in a big ol' marshmallow suit. When we were done registering, Princess got to choose what scent she wanted her sleeping gas to be. She chose Watermelon. I would have chose the frosting one (yes, they had that scent!) but, I'll have to wait for my next surgery LOL.

We finished registration and was brought back to the waiting room. To wait some more. Finally, it was time for Princess to go in for her surgery. I followed everyone back to the sleep/surgery room where they put her watermelon mask on her face and had her try to pop the balloon. She never popped the balloon, but fell asleep, nonetheless. I didn't believe she was sleeping though because her eyes were still open. I don't know why I didn't believe it though, have seen her father sleep? Yup, you guessed it, with his eyes open! Scary!

So, now that she's sleeping, I'm guided back to the waiting room where I can finally rid myself of the big ol' marshmallow suit and we wait. While waiting, I went down to the gift shop and purchased Princess a Webkinz and a gift bag. I also got to read some of New Moon (book 2 of the Twilight series) in the waiting room and then, after all the familiar faces left and a bunch of new faces appeared, the phone finally rang for us. We were guided down to recovery where Princess was waking up and drugged up. She proceeds to tell us that she didn't feel anything (man, I love anesthesia!) and then dozed off. She was pretty hilarious on that bed! She'd wake up, make a few funny comments then go to sleep. But then, she decided she really didn't want to be there anymore. She just wanted to go home.

And, we were allowed. Her surgery was scheduled for 11:40am. I don't know exactly what time she was put to sleep because there was no clock in the waiting room and I never looked at my cell. But, I DO know that we were home and her resting on the couch by 2pm!

By dinner time, Princess was feeling pretty good... they drugged her up like CRAZY before we left... and had a melt down because she really wanted a french fry... poor princess!

This may be a long 2 weeks of R&R and SOFT foods!

Oh, and also, since they were already in the area, they removed her adenoids too. Which means she wont snore anymore! She never kept me up with her snoring tho, only hubby on a stupid drunken stupor night!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So you think you can sew

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So, the school that Angel & Princess go to has an All School Theme every year. Last year it was all about this town *well, now city* that we live in. The year before it was the Solar System (or was it just the planets) which ended up being a PERFECT fit since that was when Pluto lost its title of 'planet' that year as well. And the year before that it was about the ocean and lakes and other bodies of water. This year is Princess' first year but Angel is a veteran with it. This year, they chose Going Green. Princess' teacher (was also Angel's teacher when she was a K-Kid also) REALLY took to heart this theme. It is something she feels SOOOO strongly about.

Remember way back when when I made the quilts for Angel's pregnant teacher? Well, I made mention to K-Teacher how I made the quilts and so K-Teacher automatically volunteered me to help sew a project for the class. That project happened today, 5/13! I sew ONE thing in my ENTIRE life and the project she has in mind is for us to sew shopping bags! For EACH kid in the class. She's certain it'll only take 1 afternoon for 3 of us to sew a total of 21 bags plus have time for special snack and a special story from Moi cuz Princess is Star of the Week and her week ends today instead of Friday because she is going to have her tonsils removed tomorrow (5/14). Below are pictures of pictures of me sewing.

The guy who was helping's sewing machine broke (considering the dang thing was a million and a half years old, I'm not surprised) so he moved over to my machine while I did special snack and read the story. Then it was time to leave. I left my sewing machine for them to use it the next day and, apparently, the following day as well. A 1 afternoon project really turned into a 3-day deal BUT they were all finished and they came out FRAN~TASTIC if I do say so myself...

See that one right there? The one on the left? That's Princess' bag. I made that one all by myself. With her help. She stepped on the foot pedal and it takes about 2 seconds for a K-Kid's foot to stop after I say "stop" but, considering I've NEVER done anything structural, it's still holding strong LOL...

What's the number to 911?!?!?!

Thursday May 7, 2009

OK, as you may remember from my post on 5/5/09, I am sicker than a dog. Well, I went home tuesday and went to bed. But not before I drugged myself up with DayQuil. I couldn't even read any of Twilight, which I really wanted to do! Especially since I had dreamt that I was IN Twilight. Not as Bella or any of the other characters, I was my own character. I was Bella's sidekick and was able to tag along and know all about the vampireism and it was all good!

Anyways, I went to bed, woke up and took more drugs and attempted to eat (OK, fine... DRINK) some chicken broth. I felt better... for the most part... I no longer felt like I was going to die... I took more drugs a little later and went to bed.

I woke up on Wednesday and felt GREAT... a little stuffy but I didn't ache or anything. Went to work and was all happy go lucky. It was a pretty good, actually.

THEN, I woke up this morning *it's Thursday now, play along with me* and I just couldn't breath. I think I now know what an asthma attack feels like. I kept struggling and drinking LOTS of water and figured "If I can just finish up here so that I can go home and call my dr." It felt as though my throat was tightening. My work lasted on and on and on and on and felt like it was never ending. I kept thinking I was going to suffocate to death. Finally, I panicked... I thought I was just going to drop because my throat was so closed up. I told my boss (more like CRIED to him) that I couldn't breath, I had to leave. He was like "You want me to call an ambulance?" where I QUICKLY said NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! BUT, it was too late... he dialed, THEN hung up... Which, as you know, they ALWAYS call back... SOOO my boss says that I can't breathe and they send an ambulance.

So, here's where it gets even WORSE... two paramedics get out of the ambulance and they are FRIGGEN HOTTTTT!!!!!!!! OH. MY. GOD. You think I was having a hard time breathing before? You should see me now that there's 2 REALLY HOT guys pawing all over me (Fine, they were checking my stats and whatever but, so what... they still touched me and they were HOT!)

They do all their tests and what not and my oxygen is great. They don't know what my problem is. I don't know what my problem is. All I know is that I feel like I can't breathe. It's comforting to know that even tho I FEEL like I can't breathe, I really can so that helped lower my panic attack but they bring me to the hospital, just incase.

On the ride to the hospital, I really got a chance to chit-chat with them. They told me how they were JUST about to sit down to eat their pizza. They didn't even get to open their coke when the call came in. Looking into my Fran~tastic crystal ball, I see some peanut butter cookies in their future!

So, anyways, I get to the hospital, where I'm sitting in the hallway on a roll-a-way bed in front of some lady who I eventually find out is there due to chest pains she was having. We are getting quite the show from the loonies in the room that our beds are parked outside of. Apparently 1 of the loonies insisted that the clothes the hospital gave her were not her clothes because they're pink and she hates pink. Then she went to say that her mother brought the clothes to her because she hates pink and her mother hates her or something like that. EXTREMELY hilarous!!!

So, I have to pee so I get up, do my business and as I sit back down, who comes walking down the hall way? None other than MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! Who the hell called HER?!?!?!?

Anyone who knows me knows my mother. For those of you who don't, here's the short & skinny of it. She wakes up, does whatever it is she does, then goes to Bar 1 for like 8 or 9am. Then around 10am or so, she gets a ride and they go across town to Bar 2 and then back to Bar 1 by 11 to watch the Price is Right. They have a daily lottery type thing at both bars and she only goes to Bar 2 to sign the book for the daily lottery thinggie. That's the short & skinny.

So, I ask her 'who the hell called you?' where she proceeds to tell me that for some strange odd reason, she decided to go back to Bar 2 with someone exactly at the same time the ambulance is parked outside my work. Friggen figures!!!!!!!

Anyways, I talk her into leaving since I couldn't talk her into going to get my book (which was INSIDE my car the WHOLE time) and bring it back to me. The lady shows up, takes 4 vials of blood which turns it into an automatic 1.5 hour wait for lab processing time.

Husband showed up about an hour after he got home from work and sat with me for another hour. Five hours in the ER later, I FINALLY get seen by a doctor. Who turns around and tells me EXACTLY what I knew once the really HOT EMT guys told me my oxygen levels were normal... I was fine... He told me that it was just excess congestion or something and had me purchase sudafed and call it a day!

Gee, that's 5 hours of my life I'll never get back... good thing I had really HOT emt's!!!!!!

The time is NOW...

NOW is the time that I catch you all up on my WONDERFULLY crazy life... Be prepared to be awww'd, laugh, or feel blah (which is what you all feel with EVERY post, huh?)


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This I promise to you...

I promise to get all caught up here... Boy do I have a LOT to tell you!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned!!!!!!!!